Day 1 – Bamberg

Friday, 10.08.18

Stage 1

Type: Long Distance
Begin: 11:00 a.m.
Terrain: Continental forest
Organization: TV 1894 Coburg-Neuses
Map: Michelsberger-Wald

Karte Etappe 1 - Michelsberger-Wald
Altes Rathaus Bamberg
City Tour Bamberg

Bamberg: Fascination of a World Heritage Site
As visitors wander through the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bamberg, they are particularly enchanted by the city’s many different facets. In the hill city Bamberg portrays itself as the Franconian Rome, the island city with Little venice is its lively heart, the market gardeners’ dustrict a part of town steeped in tradition. Bamberg, this means beer from nine breweries within the city, supped in traditional brewery pubs, this means shopping in modern shops and a historical atmosphere. And in the Old Town everything is very close together: Explore the imperial cathedral and Old Bridge Townhall, the New Residence and small lanes. We offers a guided Tour on foot.


Price: Adults 10 € | Youth 5 €
Languages: DEU / ENG / FRA / ITA / ESP / RUS / POL / POR / CZE / HUN / NED
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Day 2 – Bavarian Forest

Saturday, 11.08.18

Stage 2

Type: Middle distance
Begin: 11:00 a.m.
Terrain: Bavarian Forest; Mountain terrain with rocks
Organizaion: TSV Bernhardswald
Map: Stubenthal

Karte Etappe 2 - Stubenthal
Bayerischer Wald
Visit National Park Bavarian Forest

National Park Bavarian Forest
The National Park Bavarian Forest is placed on the frontier to Czech Republic, founded in 1970. The area is 24.250 hectare an it is together with the Czech Bohemian Wood the greatest wood landscape in the niddle of Europe. There are countless hiking pathes and in the National Parc center Lusen near Neuschönau you find following attractions: a great animal outdoor enclosure, an open-air ground of plants and rocks, a tree top path, and the visitor center „Hans-Eisenmann-Haus“.


Location: National Park Visitor Center Lusen near Neuschönau
Description: Walk through outdoor animal enclosure, plants and rocks trail, tree-topwalk and visitor center. Individual excursion.
Tip: Visit also the famous glassworks on your way!
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Alternative date: Monday (13.08.)

Day 3 – Passau

Sunday, 12.08.18

Stage 3

Type: Longer sprint
Begin: 11:00 a.m.
Terrain: City-race in historic old town
Organization: SV Mietraching
Map: Passau

Karte Etappe 3 - Passau
Passau - Kreuzfahrtschiff vor Rathaus
City Tour Passau

Passau: The Three Rivers City
Passau in the southeast of Germany is located at the Austrian border. Situated at the confluence of the rivers Danube, Inn and Ilz, Passau is worldwide known as “The Three Rivers City”. The setting of the Old Town, created by Italian baroque masters in the 17th century, shows soaring towers, picturesque places, enchanting promenades and romantic lanes. In the heart of Passau rises St. Stephen’s Cathedral, in which the world’s largest cathedral organ sounds. Sitting high above the rivers, the majestic fortress Veste Oberhaus on the Danube’s side and the Pilgrimage Church “Mariahilf” on the Inn’s side frame the city outstandingly beauty. We offers a guided Tour on foot an by boat.


Duration: approx. 2 hours
Adults 10 € | Youth 5 € (Organized booking)
Languages: DEU / ENG / FRA / ITA / ESP / RUS / CZE / HUN / NED / SWE / CRO
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3 Rivers Boat Tour

Duration: 45 min.
Adults 12 € | Youth 5 €  (Organized booking)
Languages: On board announcements in german; Other languages via flyer
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Afternoon (alternative)
Visit Museum Village Tittling

Museum village Bavarian Wood in Tittling (near Passau)
A walk through the museum village is like a journey in the past of the Bavarian Wood. You will find wonderful old farms with furniture of the 17th until 19th century, old chapels, mills, sawmills, coloured farmer gardens and old farm animal races. The old inn „Mühlhiasl“ offers bavarian specialities.


Price: Adults: 7€ | Youth: 5€
Organization: Individual
Duration: Suit yourself. Open until 6:00 p.m.
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Museumsdorf Tittling

Day 4 – Kelheim + Weltenburg / Straubing

Monday, 13.08.18

All day

Training routes of various distances.
Terrain: Interesting forest terrain
Location: Not yet published

Donaudurchbruch bei Weltenburg
Morning / Afternoon
Boat Tour Kehlheim – Weltenburg

Danube Gorge, Monestry Weltenburg and „Befreiungshalle“
A special highlight is a boat tour from Kelheim to Weltenburg and back. You can see on this interesting tour: „Befreiungshalle“ of King Louis I. (victory hall of the wars against Napoleon in greek style), anchoritism „Klösterl“, the Danube gorge with nature reserve, and the Benedictine abbey Weltenburg. It is one of the oldest monestrys of Bavaria and the oldest monestry brewery. You must stay in the beergarden for a bavarian dinner. We offers a guided Tour by boat.

Begin: 11:00 a.m.
 Outward trip 45 min., return trip 20 min., stay in Weltenburg at your disposal; return trip is possible every 30 min.
Adults 14 € | Youth 9 € (Organized booking. Tables will be reserved; lunch is not included)
Languages: On board announcements in german and english; other languages via flyer
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All day
“Gäubodenvolksfest” in Straubing

The „Gäubodenfest“ is the 2nd greatest folk festival of Bavaria. The difference to the „Oktoberfest“ is, that there are most local visitors, who lives tradition. 1,4 million visitors meets in 11 days in 7 beer tents with 26000 seats with traditional bavarian music and party sound, and also 130 business shops and carousels. Bavaria tradition with leather trouser and dirndl, bavarian food, beer stones and music!

Organization: Individual
Duration: Suit yourself
Tip: Also possible on other days but on weekends a large number of visitors is to be expected.
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Gaeubodenfest Straubing

Day 5 – Regensburg

Tuesday, 14.08.18

Stage 4

Type: Longer sprint
Begin: 10:00 a.m.
Terrain: City-race in historic old town
Organization: OLG Regensburg
Map: Regensburg

Karte Etappe 4 - Regensburg
City Tour Regensburg

Regensburg: World Heritage Site on the Danube
Regensburg is one of Germany’s oldest towns, founded by the Romans in 179 AD. It is today a thriving city of about 140,000 inhabitants, two universities and many landmarks and little chapels, most dating back to the Middle Ages, e.g. the Cathedral of St. Peter, the Old City Hall and Imperial Diet, and the Stone Bridge (built 1135-1146) with the Bridge Tower and Historic Sausage Kitchen. Because of its narrow alleys and Patrician Towers Regensburg is often called the northernmost city of Italy. Look also the Walhalla memorial in Donaustauf, a hall of fame in greek style, that honours laudable and distinguished people, and famous personalities in German history. We offers a guided Tour on foot and by city-train.


Guided tour by foot (old town)

Duration: 1,5 hours
Languages: DEU / ENG / FRA / ITA / ESP / RUS / CZE / POL / POR
Price: Adults: 10€ | Yout: 5€ (Organized booking)


Guided tour by city train (old town)

Druation: 45 Min.
Languages: DEU / ENG /FRA / ITA / ESP / RUS with Head-Set
Price: Adults: 12€ | Youth: 8€ (Organized booking)

Day 6 – Landshut

Wednesday, 15.08.18

Stage 5

Type: Middle distance
Begin: 10:00 a.m.
Terrain: Park, forest and castle terrain
Organization: OLV Landshut
Map: Hofgarten Landshut

Karte Etappe 6 - Landshut
Altstadt Landshut
City Tour Landshut

Landshut: Town of the greatest festival of the Middle Age
Landshut on the river Isar was founded in 1204. The picture of a medieval town is reproduced by the Castle Trausnitz, the Old Town with emblazed gothic citizen houses, the church St. Martin (hihgest brick stone tower of the world), the residence, and the town hall with large ceremonial room. The town is famous because of the historical festival of „Landshuter Hochzeit“ anno 1475 with 3000 players. The performance is every 4 years during 4 weekends original like in the Middle Age. It is playing the marriage of George, the son of the duke, and Jadwiga, the daughter of the polish king, with all historical ceremonies including knight competition. We offers a guided Tour on foot.


Guided tour by city train (old town)

Duration: 1,5 hours
Languages: DEU / ENG / FRA / ITA / ESP / POR / SWE
Price: Adults: 10€ | Youth: 5€ (Organized booking)